Why We Love the Simpsons Tapped Out

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This is a re-post from TopiX

Happy Happy Happy
I Love this Game!

AliceSin commented “Hans is my favorite character, simply because he makes me smile and I love his lines. “Games are hard” is my favorite line in the whole game.//…//” This gave me the idea of trying to explain why I and others love this game so much!

I have watched the Simpsons from the very start and I have always loved it 😀 I’m not a player of video- or computergames so when The Simpsons Tapped Out was released on a mobile platform I was thrilled! just to discover it didn’t work on android. I thought “Oh, well” and went on with my life. Then I won a MyPad, for being good at crosswordpuzzles, and my life changed.


How can we not love a game that is based on one of our favorite tv shows and lets us visit Springfield multiple times a day?



TSTO Anonymous

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This is a re-post from a Wookiee on tstoAddicts

Hi… I’m Wookieecorp and I’m a Tapaholic…

With a URL of TSTO Addicts… we take addiction to this game very seriously. We know the game is “life-ruiningly fun” and hope to help other tapperinos before their lives are seriously affected by this most righteous of games. We submit this 12 step program that we believe will help all tappers with this addiction:



A TSTO Addict’s Dreams

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Re-post from Topix

In my dreams I am a little yellow cartoonfigure, walking around in my Springfield and visiting neighbouring towns.

I tend to be a bit bossy, telling Homer and the other characters what to do. It is a bit irritating that some other entity interferes and send my people on random tasks.


Me and my friends meet at the Java Server or raise a bottle of Duff at Moe’s. The Library is still too empty, so we do what we can to gather the scattered information and put it back in place.


My TSTO Journey

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A re-post from TopiX

I am addicted to three things: nicotine, caffine and TSTO. I have no intention of giving up any of them.

EA claims that TSTO is life-ruining fun and they are not far off. The first week was so exciting! My favorite cartoon with familiar characters and buildings and I controlled them. I loved it from the start. Several hours a day. The weeks passed and I did not get tired of the game. I wanted to reach the top level and finish all the quests. The only thing I was missing was friends.

I did a search and realized that there was A Lot of players out there. Right before Valentine I found “the site that shall not be named”. Wow. A whole new world opened up and the game became so much more enjoyable! I learned that players of the game is called Tappers and added as many as I could to my game.


My Introduction Piece on TopiX

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A Girl has Entered the TSTO Club


My name is Emma. You may call me that or just Em 🙂

I’m a top level Tapper, totally donut-crazy and have been playing since January ’13 so I don’t have all the cool Halloweenstuff and most of the xmasthings 😦 I live in Sweden and have no life outside Tsto LOL.

I’m Internal Support on tapped-out.co.uk and that is really fun but time consuming so I don’t plan to do much writing here but I will moderate and answer questions. I’m fairly new to this blog thing and I don’t even own a computer! All this is done on the MyPad or *shudders* the tiny keypad on my cell.

I hope I can do a good job here and help out in any way I can.


20130921-220244.jpgThis 2D pic was made by Shelfcleaner 😀

Tstotips.com Gone


DO NOT VISIT TSTOtips.com AT ALL, stay away from the site!
Do not support that sleaze!

Mike, Mrfy, RCSprinter, Mickus and NathanRushton have started a new Blog, that is called Topix. Oh, and I’m a part of it too 🙂