A re-post from TopiX

I am addicted to three things: nicotine, caffine and TSTO. I have no intention of giving up any of them.

EA claims that TSTO is life-ruining fun and they are not far off. The first week was so exciting! My favorite cartoon with familiar characters and buildings and I controlled them. I loved it from the start. Several hours a day. The weeks passed and I did not get tired of the game. I wanted to reach the top level and finish all the quests. The only thing I was missing was friends.

I did a search and realized that there was A Lot of players out there. Right before Valentine I found “the site that shall not be named”. Wow. A whole new world opened up and the game became so much more enjoyable! I learned that players of the game is called Tappers and added as many as I could to my game.

To visit neighboureenos and see the towns and creativeness of others blew me away! I felt, still do, privileged to watch the changes and progress of my friends. So the addiction deepened. I too wanted a big, beautiful town! That would take $ so I checked into my game every hour to send my characters on tasks. During the Whacking Day event I learned that it was gratifying to help out fellow Tappers, so I started responding to comments with useful tips.

My town had grown and it was high time for a make over. While I waited, and waited for the elusive Squidport I made the change. I started, seriously, on the premium stuff and it looked great! That was the beginning of my donut-craving.

Squidport finally arrived and I was once more enthralled with the game and cursing those slow T1£€$! Still reluctant to spend donuts I did not get every item in the yardsale. Then came the next turning point.

I found TappedOut. I had for a long time wished for a place to communicate with my neighbours and telling them what I thought of their towns and there it was! So exciting! I could spend hours browsing my friends towns, always finding amazing new set-ups and hilarious details and then tell the owners how much I loved it!

I took advantage of everything on this new Site and quickly learned how to navigate and do stuff. My enthusiasm, my love for the game and my newfound knowledge of the Site was noticed by the owner who offered me the position of Internal Support. I was basically just supposed to continue what I had been doing + given the power of moderating the Shoutboxes. Of course I accepted! We have the Best. Members. Ever!

Starstruck. I was now on the same team as Mike S, the brilliant author on “the site that no longer is”. In the tsto world, he is a giant and we are colleges! A privilege that I cherish and better yet, I got to see his awesome town. One of the very best, now redone but still amazing!

With the fall of “the heavenly site that was” and the whole mess that followed, a lot of people was disappointed, fooled and hurt, me included. My only joy was my Site and its rising numbers of members. Emotions went up and down and all around.

Re-grouping is the tune for Mike and he wanted to continue bringing happiness and information to Tappers everywhere in the familiar Blogformat, so he launched a new Blog. He invited me to be a part of it and after thinking about it for two days I accepted this new challenge. Starstruck again. I am now working and co-running a Blog with Nathan, Mrfy, Mickus and of course Mike! All well known names in the cyberworld of tsto, lucky me!

My pieces are different from everyday posts and I am uncertain how much I can contribute to this new Blog. I can easily moderate and answer Q’s, so that will be my main focus for now. I am proud to be a part of this and hope I can be helpful to all the readers as well as the team.

Happy Tapping

Another great 2D pic from Shelfclaner 🙂