Re-post from Topix

In my dreams I am a little yellow cartoonfigure, walking around in my Springfield and visiting neighbouring towns.

I tend to be a bit bossy, telling Homer and the other characters what to do. It is a bit irritating that some other entity interferes and send my people on random tasks.


Me and my friends meet at the Java Server or raise a bottle of Duff at Moe’s. The Library is still too empty, so we do what we can to gather the scattered information and put it back in place.

In my dreams, I do not make the changes to my town. I just tell Homer how I want it and make him dig and plant and build. It is so much fun seeing him work!


I wish I had an island and I would love to go to a Fairground for a real Octoberfest. Picnic tables and a drinking fountain would be nice too.

The neighbouring towns are so pretty and cool. I might have to borrow some features. More work for Homer! But who is the mysterious vandal that keeps tagging my public buildings? Better send Willie to clean up the mess. Wait, I can now see the signature of the paintspraying thug. Gottcha!

Time for another Duff at Moe’s and maybe a game of pool, before I go home to my Brown house to sleep.


I actually HAVE these dreams but in my dreamland I do have the sand island with a parasol, beachtowel and a drink 😉