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Happy Happy Happy
I Love this Game!

AliceSin commented “Hans is my favorite character, simply because he makes me smile and I love his lines. “Games are hard” is my favorite line in the whole game.//…//” This gave me the idea of trying to explain why I and others love this game so much!

I have watched the Simpsons from the very start and I have always loved it 😀 I’m not a player of video- or computergames so when The Simpsons Tapped Out was released on a mobile platform I was thrilled! just to discover it didn’t work on android. I thought “Oh, well” and went on with my life. Then I won a MyPad, for being good at crosswordpuzzles, and my life changed.


How can we not love a game that is based on one of our favorite tv shows and lets us visit Springfield multiple times a day?

I downloaded the game and started playing. It was so fun creating my own Springfield! and controlling the familiar and beloved characters of the show. The in-game instructions on how to play are very clear and easy to follow. How can you not love a game that is so easy to play?

I kept grinning at the screen and laughing out loud at the dialouges and the antics of Homer and the others. Tappers will understand and recognize this as normal behavior. I’ve heard a videomaker giggle uncontrollably during an instructional. How can you not love a game that makes you smile, giggle and laugh?

mr Burns trying to Smile

We all have the same building blocks but our towns differ so much. I love visiting neighbours and browsing their towns! By dropping in on other towns you get ideas and inspiration for your own. The pride I feel when someone compliments my town can not be explained 🙂 How can you not love a game that lets you be so creative?

Speaking of neighbours, the tsto community on the web is fantastic! Places we can get info, tips and just talk! TopiX, TappedOut and Addicts  to mention a few 🙂 I’ve made alot of new friends and even got new jobs. How can you not love a game that gives you new friends?

EA gives us updates to prolong the game. It is so thrilling to see an update in the Appstore/Google Play! or when the donut starts to swirl and an in-game update is revieled. How can you not love a game that makes you excited?

Tsto is a freemium game which means it is a free download and play. If you want to, you can pay real money for donuts and get premium items. This is completely optional. I have seen some teriffic freemium towns so going premium is not necessary for a great town nor for the enjoyment of the game. How can you not love that the game is free?

Donuts are the premium currancy in tsto but free donuts are availabe in the game. Every time you level up you get at least one donut. When you hit the bonus-level-up you also get donuts (1,2,3) unlocking the Jebediah statue gives you 10 donuts! You can get donuts in the weekly Mysterybox or even cleaning up trash! How can you not love a game that surprises you with free premium currancy?

I have only been through two social events (Valentine and Whacking Day). I enjoyed Valentine and will not mention WD at all. The interactions with my neighboureenos was fun! Getting and giving V-day cards made me smile. Limited events without the social element are also nice. Special, limited buildings and characters and questlines. How can you not love a game that has special events?

I rather be envious of my neighbours than use a hack or a mod to get past limited items. It is part of the charm, seeing when a player started by looking at the limited stuff in their towns and feeling smug when you come across a newer town. Sometimes EA gives us a free decoration or costume to promote an upcoming episode. How can you not love a game that has give-aways?

Our creativness when it comes to designing our towns knows no bounds. The game has given Artists a new medium. 2D pics made of decorations and trash. I am in awe! How can you not love a game that can be used for true artistry?

2D pic by Shelfcleaner as a tribute to Mike

Stageing sceens and taking screenshots and share is great! To put a building ontop of Barney sleeping in the gutter, so only his feet stick out, is hilarous! Fruit Bat-Burns trying to punch out Snake as he’s combing his bitchin’ hair is just as funny to see! How can you not love a game that makes you the director of minidramas?

Some of us at TappedOut have created a game-in-the-game, hiding the Bunnytopiarys all over our towns and challenge the others to find ’em. It has it’s own back story and we call it the S.U.B.S. game. How can you not love a game that let us be so inventive?

The game even penetrates our dreams! We dream of walking around in our Springfields, visiting neighbours, interacting with the characters, just hanging out and enjoying ourselves. How can you not love a game that gives you happy dreams?


I asked for suggestions to put in this piece and the response was great! A special thanks to Tom, Vogst, Wookiee, JayDiggity and the other eloquent members on TappedOut 🙂 The tsto community is strong and very supportive. If one of us is feeling blue or have lost the joy for the game, all we need to feel better can be found in the community. How can you not love a game that has the Best. Community. Ever?!

This piece has become longer than I expected! That clearly shows how loved this game really is, on many, many levels! Note to EA: we love this game! Please keep develop it!

Happy Tapping!