A Tappers Day

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Hi Y’all

I love this game! but sometimes it does try my patience. I sure did have a fun-filled day! Or should I say Bart-filled?! 😛


I have been having Bart-issues all day. Started in my main game with lots and lots of Bart. Continued to B and again, lots and lots of Bart.
When I switched back from B to main I started noting down the events.

It is a boooooooring read.



F-R-I-N-K Points

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Hi Y’all!
We have a new currency in the game. F-R-I-N-K Points! I refuse to call them Friend Points 🙂


There are currently Six levels of Friendship and the FPs are reset for every new level.
For every level you gain the amount of cash collected while visiting will increase.
Once you have reached top level the possibility of finding Donuts when visiting friends opens up as an incentive to keep doing your round in your neighbourhood.