Hi Y’all!
We have a new currency in the game. F-R-I-N-K Points! I refuse to call them Friend Points 🙂


There are currently Six levels of Friendship and the FPs are reset for every new level.
For every level you gain the amount of cash collected while visiting will increase.
Once you have reached top level the possibility of finding Donuts when visiting friends opens up as an incentive to keep doing your round in your neighbourhood.

How many FPs or Donuts do I need?

Total required 11500 FPs or 1350 Donuts

Level 1 Olmec Head 1000 FPs / 100 Ds (vanity)
Level 2 Singing Sirloin 2000 FPs /200 Ds (gluttony)
Level 3 Snowbal II 1500 FPs / 200 Ds
Level 4 Simpsons Car 2000 FPs / 350 Ds
Level 5 Stampy 5000 FPs / 500 Ds
Level 6 You can now find Donuts at your neighbours

Note: Donut prices will drop the closer you are to the FP goal that is required.

How long does it take to get all the Prizes if you visit all Friends daily?

Maximum Friends 810 FPs a day not including mopping up in your own town
1150/810=14.2 Days – just over Two weeks

50 Friends 660 FPs a day not including mopping up in your own town
11500/660=17.4 Days – Less then Three weeks

25 Friends 466 FPs a day not including mopping up in your own town
1150/466=24.6 Days – about Three and a half weeks

10 Friends 300 FPs a day not including mopping up in your own town
1150/300=38.3 Days – Over Five weeks but less then half the time of growing Corn or for Brandine to birth a Spuckler.

Only the Other Springfield 30 FPs a day
11500/30=383.3 Days – Well over a Year

Some general tips:

-Yes, vandalizing drops your righteousness but helps your friends since that is the only action that will give them points (1 point per mopping). 13 training walls will keep that rating at 5. (Thank you Cookie ..uhmn I mean Corkie 😛 for the tip!)

-Clear your town of handshakes so there are tappable buildings – do not collect any rents – unless you need the $! Hard not to ~ I know but it will only be for a month or so, this time around. More levels might come in the future 🙂

-By mopping in your town often, more can tag and give you points.

-If you cant find tappable builds in the town – go to KL and hit the rides.

-Crops, Channel 6, Open Air Stage and Tiles does no longer have the multiple handshake thing so tapping that will only benefit you as no timers are reset ~ just ending the tasks.

-Catching Bob in your neighbourhood does not give points but will give $.

Happy Tapping

Disclaimer: Calculations made by Em (me) so they might be incorrect!

Calculations Based on:
+ Actions
1-30 á 10 = 300 FPs
31-60 á 5 = 150 FPs
61-90 á 4 = 120 FPs
90-120 á 2 = 60 FPs
121-300 á 1 = 180 FPs
The timer will reset after 24h from your first Action.