The Journey Continues or Starts 🙂

Hi Y’all!

Back on November 25th me and Drew posted the first part on TSTO as a Matchmaker. My post and Drew’s, slightly different versions.


What we really want is to meet IRL.

During xmas we planned on me visiting the US in Febuary. I would be there for Drew’s B-Day and Valentine! The new year brought some changes to our plans and my journey got postponed 😦

Not having a Valentinedonutbreakfast in bed with my Darlin’ kinda bummed me out but he sent me a replacement, of sort, so I wouldn’t be alone.


That toy is a menace!

I am small, cute and cuddly so I sent a tiny teddybear to Drew 😀

That Bear is being spoiled beyond comprehension!

It is so funny and nice to get photos of the little LoveHeartBear, LHB and his adventures – he follows Drew everywhere – and I know Drew likes the photos of FrinkDabble’s shenanigans I send him 🙂

We talk – a lot, hours every day, on Skype. Or one of us does – rambles on and on and on and on would be more correct though, and the other listens (sometimes).

New date for my trip was set. I can’t wait to see my Darlin’Drew! As traveltime, including transit, will take over 60h, one way! a shorter visit, like a week, seemed stupid so we will be spending most of May together.

I am really happy and excited 😀 I can not stop smiling! My face actually hurts from smiling too much and do you know how difficult it is to brush ones teeth when you’re grinning like a fool?! Sigh.

After six months as a couple we will finally meet face to face, soon we will be in each others arms and I can realize my New Year’s resolution: Tapping while being held by my Darlin’!


Oh, this is a blog about TSTO so I should mention my preparations for being away from the game for over two days! This has not happened since I was shut out of the game last fall. I wonder how I will manage.

As I will not be able to clear handshakes as often I have installed some (temporary) housefarms for my friends to tap so they can get those Eggs and FPs.


An eyesore, I know but I want my visitors to get Eggs/FPs and not Unfriend me because my town is untappable. I got the idea from the pretty Kays_xo, she is busy with her studies – much more important then the game! and do not clear handshakes that often but her Blue housefarm keeps her town tappable. My eyes can take it if the town gives me Eggs.

Happy, Happy, Happy Tapping!