Hi Y’all!

WARNING WARNING WARNING Content in this post is SugarySicklySweet, DisgustinglyRomantic, TooStinkingCute and may cause Nausea!

This is the 3rd part of Drew’s and mine journey towards each other and Happiness. Part I+II are linked at the end. TSTO is what brought us together and for that alone I will always love the game! despite the latest Events of Failure, all the glitches and the overpriced premiumstuff. The Stoncutter Event is Awesome, so all is good in TSTO land.

My trip was awesome! Well, not the actual travelpart but the rest.
My plane was delayed so transit in NYC was tight but I made it to the bus. I arrived in Knoxville on a very, very hot evening and No sight of Drew! well the bus was 30 minutes early so I was not surprised not seeing him waiting for me.