Hi Y’all!

WARNING WARNING WARNING Content in this post is SugarySicklySweet, DisgustinglyRomantic, TooStinkingCute and may cause Nausea!

This is the 3rd part of Drew’s and mine journey towards each other and Happiness. Part I+II are linked at the end. TSTO is what brought us together and for that alone I will always love the game! despite the latest Events of Failure, all the glitches and the overpriced premiumstuff. The Stoncutter Event is Awesome, so all is good in TSTO land.

My trip was awesome! Well, not the actual travelpart but the rest.
My plane was delayed so transit in NYC was tight but I made it to the bus. I arrived in Knoxville on a very, very hot evening and No sight of Drew! well the bus was 30 minutes early so I was not surprised not seeing him waiting for me.


No awkwardness what so ever occured and during my stay, we were never apart ~ except for bathroomtime. Both of us like our space and we had discussed how to handle it, being in a one room apartment but it turned out to be a non-issue. Not even my smoke-breakes or Drew’s worktimes were passed alone. I guess we wanted as much time as possible together! As it is now, with literally an Ocean apart, I miss Drew fiercely.

We are so alike but different enough to make it interesting. We complete each other in ways I never even thought of. This is just so right! We are and have always been on the same page ~ even if we were further back at the start, we move in the same pace, so when the idea of marriage solidified after a week or so together, we both knew that this is what we want.


There will be no dancing at our wedding – at least not from us. The lack of gracefullness is something we have in common. Yes, we did accidentally hurt each other and ourselves but nothing major that needed stitches or casts, so no biggies and we are both well used to these kind of incidents… sigh.

Walking hand in hand, sitting on a bench with my head on his shoulder, sharing some food, TAPPING, watching TV and all the hugging n kissing we did really made me happy! Being around each other makes us smile or grin like fools but we cannot stop it. We realize that this is indeed disgusting but we can’t help it.


I cannot believe that Drew followed me to NYC back just to see me off! Even if most of the busride up were sleepytime, it felt good to have him next to me or as it were up to DC, the other side of the aile.

During the wait at JFK we made plans for another visit in the near future as well as more permenent arrangements. This time Drew will make the trip over the Atlantic.

Now I am back home and missing my Darlin’ but we do have Skype 😀 and I do not think videostreaming 6h a day is too much…

I did set up some Housefarms for my return trip and thanks to all my wonderful neighboureenos I did get Cool Lisa the day after my return.
With a bright future and a new level I am as happy as I can be!

Drew has also made a post on our journey :-). His thoughts on all this can be found here.

Keep on Tappin’

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