Helpsection for Tapped Out

-How to add friends on this Site
Tap/click on the person you want to befriend. Go to that persons profilepage. you’ll see an “add as friend”-button, hit that and maybe add a note, hit ‘send’ and you’re done! Just wait for the confimation πŸ™‚ for friends in Origin: go to Pages; Origin Ids; post or browse.

-The Profile Pic Issue
The Profilepic needs cropping. This can only be done on a computer, as far as I know. I assume Tim is working on it as we want this Site to be mobile-friendly.

You can always delete your own Posts and Comments. Tap/click on the comment, a small ‘x’ will appear in the top right corner, hit that and Delete. In Discussions on the Pages you can Edit Quote Delete your Reply. You’ll find the options in the bottomright area of your Reply, in blue. If you manage a Blog or Page you can delete every Comment, Reply and Post, despite who wrote it.

-How to create a Blog
Go to the Blogsection. Hit the button “add new blog” and get going! Photos can be uploaded to brighten your blog. Hit the little camera above the writingbox to upload, the attachmentfileline can be placed anywhere in the blog. If you make a mistake you can always edit it later, as I have to do… There’s a black box called ‘Actions’ where you can choose to Edit.

-How to take screenshots in iOS
To take screenshots hold the off/sleepbutton and then hit home, the one with the sqre. A white flash indicates a pic taken. If you wait ~10sec so the helpboxes disappear you will get a cleaner shot of your town.
Clean shots can be used for panoramas. Download an autostich app and get going with overlapping photos. You get better panoramas using a PC and stitching manually in an image program but I don’t know how to do that and I lack one important piece: the computer!
Good luck and upload your pics here!

-How to create a Page
Go to Pages. In the topright-area you’ll find “add new page” Tap/click (t/c) that. The instructions are pretty basic. In “permissions” you decide who can join and who can do/view what on your Page. It’s Your Page so you can delete Posts and Comments by others. You’ll want to select the “wall” for the landingpage unless you want your Page to have different Sections, than you should choose Discussions (like WHYDW?) As everywhere on this site consecutive posts by the same author results in “see 1 more post from..” underneith, thus ‘hiding’ the first post. When managing a Page you can avoid this by alternating author. When you comment you choose “post as” in the bottomleft of the commentbox. Changing things is easy. Go to the blackbox named ‘Actions’ and Manage.

-How to cure “Stupid-Fat-Fingers” syndrome
The answer is a Stylus. I use it on the tiny keyboard on my cell. Does not cure your typos but it is better than having ‘Autoerect’-induced ones LOL Vigilance is also key for those wrong taps, like accidentaly selling ones ‘mini warhead”.

-How to cure the addiction to TSTO
#1 Burn all your cash
#2 Max out all your creditcards
#3 Smash all your devices that can handle Tsto
Now you should have no money to buy a new device to play on πŸ™‚
But WHY would you do a thing like that for?!

Happy Tapping!


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