Valentine Scam

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re-post from TopiX

One hour left of Valentine and I need another 200 hearts for a spin ~ not gonna happen! as I pleaded to my amazing neighbours to drop me cards in the last hour for a final push! They gave me a spin and I got a …birdbath! not the Fountain that I so desperatly needed.

Update: as I’m still able to collect Hearts I did a final round in my neighbourhood – got two spins – and got the Fountain! WOOHOO! and the Tunnel of Love! The unfairness of the wheel is still valid and I hope EA will change it in the future.

20140225-093937.jpg Note that the Countdown is blank!

I am not a Happy Tapper right now. Valentine is over and though I finally have the Tunnel of Love many does not!
This Valentine’s Event have had very little Love indeed.



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Good News and Bad


Good News: Our beloved Site is back up! 🙂
I didn’t think Tim was updating it – no warning and I was right.

Bad News:
Status from Tim: ” Well that wasn’t good!! I’m really sorry about the downtime. Not sure how long the site was offline for, but the reason for this wasn’t my fault this time. We were hit by a huge DDoS attack 😦 ”

The downtime lasted about 11h and TOuk is not the only TSTOsite that has had this problem. Not long ago Origin was hit by a DDoS and EAs official forums have been unaccessable via wifi at times.
Someone has unhealty feelings about TSTO and too much sparetime…

BTW I have no clue what this all means, I just report it.
I was glad to see TOuk peeps checking here (more glad that I remembered to do the post at all) when the Site was down. I do not post much here but it is nice to have a way of communicate if things goes wrong. Thank Y’all!
See you at TOuk!




Help Me EA! NOW!!!

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Repost from TopiX
Hi Y’all!

A lot of us – and I do mean an alarming amount of Tappers – have a problem with the game freezing every 30 seconds or so. In some cases the access is totally denied – just a BlackScreen!


This is not ok! The most basic requirement for any game is that it is Playable – but for many of us this requrement is not met!

First steps are always:

  • Close app
  • Shut off device – restart
  • Check/change internet connections
  • Check/change device
  • Delete/reinstall app
  • Go to EAs helpmaze and do all the (useless) troubleshooting Here
  • Contact EA Here


TSTO as a Matchmaker?


Hey Tappers, DrewDabble (DD) here. I am a TSTO blogger and long time comment-er on many well know blogs & fan-sites. I’m here to introduce this blog post that Em and I have co-written. I am her Darlin’ Drew aka the luckiest geek on the Internet!

When I saw what Drew did in his town I did something in mine too. 🙂

I’m the lucky one! This is our story, so far 😛


Giddy Young Gal

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In anticipation of Halloween here’s a scary Story from the world of Fashion:

Hi Everyone!

I am a Fashionista who got in to designing because my mother needed new threads for a low cost. I started looking for Companies to get inspiration and found it!

I’m superexcited! My favorite fashion go-to is hirering new designers! The Company is run by Ms G (Guru) and is reputed to be an organic factory with the best designers! At least once a day, for the last months some new design has been showed by the talented crew and now I can be a part of it!


Why We Love the Simpsons Tapped Out

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This is a re-post from TopiX

Happy Happy Happy
I Love this Game!

AliceSin commented “Hans is my favorite character, simply because he makes me smile and I love his lines. “Games are hard” is my favorite line in the whole game.//…//” This gave me the idea of trying to explain why I and others love this game so much!

I have watched the Simpsons from the very start and I have always loved it 😀 I’m not a player of video- or computergames so when The Simpsons Tapped Out was released on a mobile platform I was thrilled! just to discover it didn’t work on android. I thought “Oh, well” and went on with my life. Then I won a MyPad, for being good at crosswordpuzzles, and my life changed.


How can we not love a game that is based on one of our favorite tv shows and lets us visit Springfield multiple times a day?


TSTO Anonymous

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This is a re-post from a Wookiee on tstoAddicts

Hi… I’m Wookieecorp and I’m a Tapaholic…

With a URL of TSTO Addicts… we take addiction to this game very seriously. We know the game is “life-ruiningly fun” and hope to help other tapperinos before their lives are seriously affected by this most righteous of games. We submit this 12 step program that we believe will help all tappers with this addiction:



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