Sports Event

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Sports Event


Started June 23rd 2015
Walktroughs main Event Line

Meet My Trophy Life 13 pts

Pt. 1 Auto > Lisa + Homer > 45s

Pt. 2 Homer > Build Grass Field + Build Stadium Entrance, free

Pt. 3 Homer > Homer > 3m

Pt. 4 Lisa > Homer x4 > 6s > 24s

Pt. 5 Homer > Tap Fans x15

Pt. 6 Homer > Tap Ball Players x4 > 4h + Upgrade Homer, Upgrade Lisa

Pt. 7 Homer > Complete Daily Training

Act Two

Pt. 8 Homer > Homer > 8h

Pt. 9 Homer > Purchase Balls + Throw ball

Pt. 10 Homer > Springfielders x10 > 12h

Act Three

Pt. 11 Homer > Lisa > 24h

Pt. 12 Homer > Homer >12h + Tap Ball Players x7 > 8h

Pt. 13 Homer > Tap Ball players x4 > 24h

The rest of the WTs after the break




Hi Y’all
TOuk is having issues.
Updates will come ’til we’re back.

July 29th 14
10.15 pm CET/ 4.15 pm EDT

WooHoo! Back to normal!


TSTO as A Matchmaker!!! Pt III

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Hi Y’all!

WARNING WARNING WARNING Content in this post is SugarySicklySweet, DisgustinglyRomantic, TooStinkingCute and may cause Nausea!

This is the 3rd part of Drew’s and mine journey towards each other and Happiness. Part I+II are linked at the end. TSTO is what brought us together and for that alone I will always love the game! despite the latest Events of Failure, all the glitches and the overpriced premiumstuff. The Stoncutter Event is Awesome, so all is good in TSTO land.

My trip was awesome! Well, not the actual travelpart but the rest.
My plane was delayed so transit in NYC was tight but I made it to the bus. I arrived in Knoxville on a very, very hot evening and No sight of Drew! well the bus was 30 minutes early so I was not surprised not seeing him waiting for me.



TSTO as A Matchmaker? Pt II

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The Journey Continues or Starts πŸ™‚

Hi Y’all!

Back on November 25th me and Drew posted the first part on TSTO as a Matchmaker. My post and Drew’s, slightly different versions.


What we really want is to meet IRL.


TSTO as a Matchmaker?


Hey Tappers, DrewDabble (DD) here. I am a TSTO blogger and long time comment-er on many well know blogs & fan-sites. I’m here to introduce this blog post that Em and I have co-written. I am her Darlin’ Drew aka the luckiest geek on the Internet!

When I saw what Drew did in his town I did something in mine too. πŸ™‚

I’m the lucky one! This is our story, so far πŸ˜›


Why We Love the Simpsons Tapped Out

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This is a re-post from TopiX

Happy Happy Happy
I Love this Game!

AliceSin commented “Hans is my favorite character, simply because he makes me smile and I love his lines. β€œGames are hard” is my favorite line in the whole game.//…//” This gave me the idea of trying to explain why I and others love this game so much!

I have watched the Simpsons from the very start and I have always loved it πŸ˜€ I’m not a player of video- or computergames so when The Simpsons Tapped Out was released on a mobile platform I was thrilled! just to discover it didn’t work on android. I thought “Oh, well” and went on with my life. Then I won a MyPad, for being good at crosswordpuzzles, and my life changed.


How can we not love a game that is based on one of our favorite tv shows and lets us visit Springfield multiple times a day?