Tapped Out

The Site
A Welcome note for new members and for those who want to join!

Welcome to TappedOut!
This site has a lot of fun stuff for Tappers aka tsto-addicts!

If you want to join, tap/click here and follow instructions. It is my personal invite so you instantly become my friend. If you don’t want me as your friend use this. It is a free Site and resembles FB.

Some tips for when you’re on the Site:

If you’re looking for game-friends, post your ID in Origin IDs in Pages, above, that way your ‘add me’ will not disappear in the feed and you will find friends there as well. + it will not annoy me 🙂 To add me as a friend on this Site: tap me and go to my Profile, there you’ll find an “add as friend”-button, hit that and maybe write a note and tap ‘send’, done. Others can be added this way too, so expand your friendsnetwork!

Like FB there’s icons in the blue section at the top: Friends. Message. Notification. A red dot appears when something new is going on. To send a message just tap the envelope and ‘send new message’. Type in the name (multiples are possible), subject and the mess. then hit send. You can also send a mess via the wall/profile of a person and than you don’t need to type the name.

Browse the Photosection and feel free to upload your own pics! We LOVE to see photos of towns! Can never be to many pics! There’s a Page called “What Have You Done With…?” where pics of different buildings are uploaded. Great idea!

Take a Poll to find out what others thinks and if your question isn’t there yet – create your own Poll to get answers!

Quizzes. Take a charaterquiz by quizmaster Darren to test your knowledge of the Simpsons. Do you miss your favorite? Do you want a Quiz about the game or anything else Tsto-related? Again, create your own! Trivia Quizzes are popular and fun!

The Blogsection is Mike’s domain where he gives us the news, the upcomming, the walkthrougs and other goodies! I has some inspirational-how-to blogs there too. You are more than welcome to add to the blogsection about whatever Tappers may need to know. Every Page also have a Blogsection for topics realted to that Page.

The Pages contains a wide variety of subjects. It can be for Photos, Tricks and Tips, What Tappers want, Quotes, Favorits and so on. Managing a Page can be fun. Pick a subjct and get going! For more complex posts on the Pages maybe a Thread in the Discussions, left column, would be more suitable.

We have a store that we call the Kwik E Mart. There you will find great offers and you can pay with Doughnuts that you can earn for free in the Doughnutsection.

Announcements will keep you updated with the latest on the Site.

An Event Calander can be found in the right colum om the main page. As always, feel free to add any event you want us to be awere of.

The Shoutbox, above the Calander, is away to be heard by Everybody! on this Site. All the Pages has its own Shoutbox as well.

As Internal Promotion Support I am here to help you navigate this Site and how to do different things, like creating a Page. Post Qs on my wall, send me a message or give me a shout. I’ll do my best to answer and will always let you know that I’ve seen the Q – the answer may be “I dunno” but that’s better than nothing, right? 🙂 My job also include engaging members to participate in the community. If you find that annoying; tell me and I’ll (try to) stop. I can also help, in a limited way, with game play.

So, again, WELCOME!
and Happy Tapping!



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